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3 Top Wellness Practitioner and Health Coach Tips For Success

Wellness Practitioner and Health Coach Tips For Success

In order to help a LOT of people, and hit your financial goals, there are three critical things your wellness practice needs. In this short video, I’ll explain what they are and why they’re so important. Free Discovery Guide Discover the perfect niche and ideal client avatar for you Your info is secure and will Read More

The Biggest Holiday Marketing Mistake

There is a big marketing mistake that many small-business owners make this time of year and it can have a BIG effect on your revenue, bigger than you may realize. In the last week, I’ve personally seen over a dozen people make this big marketing mistake, so I’m going to address it today and tell Read More

If You’re Stressed This Will Help

This week marks the beginning of my favorite time of year: a time to purposefully re-set my focus on gratitude and giving. No matter how my life or my business looks in any one moment, I know for certain there’s always something to be grateful for — the insane luxury of a warm, safe house Read More

The Most Effective Marketing Strategy For Practitioners

Marketing Strategy for Practitioners and Health Coaches

For today’s Wellness Practitioner Insider I’m going to share with you the MOST effective marketing strategy for practitioners and health coaches. This is something you absolutely need to be doing in order to have a thriving practice and help a lot of people. Watch this short video to see what it is and how to Read More

4 Ps Marketing Mix For Practitioners and Health Coaches

marketing mix for wellness practitioners

I just got back from a fantastic trip to Dallas where my hubby, Farukh, did a Facebook Ads training to over 1,000 business owners. He’s never spoken to a room of more than 50 people, so it was a pretty big deal! He’s considered to be one of the top 10 Facebook Ad gurus in Read More

How To Use JVs To Get New Ideal Clients

Wellness Practice Advertising Ideas

I’m in Dallas right now at a marketing conference which my hubby is speaking at (he’s teaching Facebook Ads to over 1,000 people). He’s never spoken to a room this big before so it’s a pretty big deal. You can see some behind-the-scenes pics over on Instagram – come follow me here. For today’s Wellness Read More

An Effective Marketing Plan Template for Your Wellness Practice

wellness practice marketing plan

My hubby and I went on a micro-vacation last weekend – we did a farm stay near the Catskills. In addition to taking at least one “real” vacation a year, we find that sprinkling in several micro-vacations is imperative to our mental health, productivity, and our relationship. If you’re feeling in need of a recharge Read More

3 Ways To Save Time In Your Practice

What if there was a way to work fewer hours in your wellness practice/coaching business AND increase your revenue? Would you be interested in knowing how to do it? For today’s Wellness Practitioner Insider I made you a short video that shows you three BIG things you can simplify in your practice which will save Read More

How To Improve Your Practice

How To Improve Your Practice

It’s my favorite time of year here in northeastern PA … FALL!! And it’s stunning. In addition to the gorgeous trees and crisp air, another thing I love about the fall is that it’s the time when we’re all getting refocused on our businesses post summer. If you’re contemplating how you can improve your wellness Read More

Learn How to Promote Your Wellness Practice With These Fresh New Strategies

How to Promote Your Wellness Practice

If you’re looking for a fresh new strategy for getting IDEAL clients, you’re going to like today’s Wellness Practitioner Insider! I made you a short video walking you through two variations of a highly effective strategy for getting new ideal local clients into your wellness practice/coaching business. The best part is that this strategy is Read More