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One-on-One Consulting With Marketing Mavens for the Digital World

Farukh And Heidi

A private consulting session is a 1-on-1 session held either over-the-phone or via Skype (your choice), with either Farukh or Heidi. If you are in need a shot of marketing magic, book your session! Each session will be recorded so you can savor every drop.


What People Are Saying


After a one hour meeting with Heidi I had an entirely new clear, simple, straightforward marketing plan. Heidi stays true to her name, offers strategic insight, and asks all the right questions!



Heidi is beyond amazing. During our first consulting session, she developed a spot-on marketing campaign for my target audience and gave me simple, step-by-step instructions on how to implement. I’ve spent 14 years working for and with the most proficient Fortune 100 companies and no one has ever given me better marketing advice. Heidi and her team are the ones to hire!



I absolutely love Heidi’s energy and positive enthusiasm! She is a woman who is passionate about seeing others succeed, and her ability to see through to the needs of a business is uncanny! In my short time on the phone with Heidi, I gained huge insight on the next steps to take with my business. I know that with her wisdom applied to what I am doing, there is no other option but to excel!

Bottom line: Heidi rocks the Casbah!


Meet Heidi

Heidi has built email lists of over 10,000, has created over 200 websites with the help of her team, and has helped hundreds of small businesses like yours increase profits.
A 1-on-1 consulting session with Heidi is perfect for you if you…


  • Are spinning your wheels trying make some marketing decisions
  • Have a list of specific questions about maximizing your marketing
  • Want your sales/promotional materials or website reviewed
  • Want help tweaking your traffic sources to maximize your results
  • Want help tweaking your marketing/sales funnel
  • Want help crafting a high-converting opt-in offer (an IFO)

Upon checkout you’ll be taken to an online scheduler to book your session with Heidi.


Heidi DeCoux

Marketing Maven for the Digital World

30-Minute Session With Heidi




60-Minute Consulting
Session with Heidi



Meet Farukh

Farukh owns and operates an award winning ad agency and is known as the best-of-the-best when it comes to pay-per-click advertising and SEO. Big name internet marketers and savvy small business owners consult with him regularly.
If you are running Google Adwords, Facebook, or any other type of paid advertising campaigns – Farukh will help you lower your cost per lead and increase the amount of dream clients your ads bring in.

When you book a session with him he will review your ad campaign and make recommendations that will most likely be game-changing for your business. Increasing new client flow by 30%-70% is pretty standard for Farukh.

He can also review your SEO strategy and make recommendations on how you can get better rankings.

Upon checkout you’ll be taken to an online scheduler to book your session with Farukh.



Farukh Shroff


30-Minute Session With Farukh




60-Minute Consulting
Session with Farukh




Heidi and I just had a strategy session to help boost my sales. Heidi gave me some gold nuggets that I could implement immediately on my website. I definitely plan to hire Heidi and her team again. I will also recommend them to my business contacts.



I always look forward to strategy sessions with Heidi, and inevitably come away from them excited. She gives actionable advice that produces immediate results.



During my Strategy Session Heidi was able to take a look at my business and create a ‘big picture’ plan that helps connect all the pieces. She also gave us some wonderful resources to help make these great ideas happen!